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Who Gets What?

May 22, 2024

Jill's House serves up to 33 guests in Bloomington.  Angela Hays has many tasks under the title Community Development Consultant.  She talks about the nature of dementia, finanicial considersations and the broad national need for additional services.  

May 18, 2024

This walk through a six-decade legal and civic career starts with the racial issues of 1968, moves to work on veterans affairs in Washington, a legal career representing utilities and other corporations, and his recent project, a photo-essay exhibition about the lives of soldiers who returned from Vietnam. ...

May 11, 2024

Jennifer Pearl is President of The Bloomington Economic Development Corporation which serves Monroe County,  She states that "economic development is providing conditions for prosperity."

May 3, 2024

Twice-chapter-president Roy Hedeen describes the nature, history and functions of service clubs, in this case, Kiwanis.  Roy also served as a professional representative of Kiwanis International.  Societal changes are considered.  

Apr 27, 2024

Here we are fortunate to learn about emergence of a new non profit.  Mental health care professional Antoniett Nelson opens Seasoned Transitional Living on June 1, planning to help dozens of young people this year and in to the future.