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Who Gets What?

May 27, 2021

With years of experience studying theories of economic growth, wealth distribution, and urban life, Elias Crim talks comprehensively about his adopted home, South Bend, Indiana.  He considers localism, distributism, and other concepts which are prominent in his writing for Solidarity Hall, which he founded in 2013.

May 19, 2021

Since the late 19th century, Arabs from dozens of countries and various religious backgrounds have emigrated to Indiana, starting on Willard Street, now the location of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Our guest, Edward Curtis, is a publicly-engaged scholar of Muslim American, African American, and Arab American history and life,...

May 12, 2021

Both Morton Marcus and our guest, Dean Whittaker, are classic communicators, theorists and teachers about economic development.

Dean is president of Whittaker Associates Inc., a data analytic company advising governments and business groups on development opportunities, such as quantum computing.  


May 2, 2021

Zachary Fawbush leads The Crooked Creek Food Pantry in Indianapolis, following on educational and social services experiences at St. Joseph College and in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Zach speaks effectively about volunteerism, food insecurity, the infrastructure of food distribution, as well as his personal goal to become a...