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Who Gets What?

Jul 27, 2022

Jordan Flores Schwartz, co-founder and Producing Director, describes the unique position, both culturally and geographically, of The Fonseca Theatre in downtown Indianapolis.  One unique position is that it is led by and serves Black Indigenous People of Color.  

Jul 19, 2022

Having traded futures contracts and other instruments since the 1970s, Gary Housman talks about portfolio insurance, hedging, crypto currencies, and the many factors affecting relative values including the recent rise of the dollar with respect to the euro.

Note:  this session includes professional terms and language.

Jul 13, 2022

Michael Leppert's eclectic career includes opinion columnist, author, corrections department officer, utility regulator, and lobbyist to The Indiana General Assembly.  

Lessons?  Many.  Here is one.  Understand time to get things done.  It will be months, and years.

(Look for Michael in The State House...

Jul 6, 2022

Raymond Hammond is editor of The New York Quarterly, and, of course, a poet himself.  

We talk about instagram poetry, advertising in poetry magazines, snobbery, the movie "Dead Poet Society" ("It tought me how to teach poetry."), and the  mailing list he would like to own (The New York Post mailing list, having people...