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Who Gets What?

Feb 15, 2020

Dee Thornton, running for Congress in Indiana's Fifth District, speaks charmingly about her life and goals.  Having run in 2018, and having garnered more votes than any previous Democrat candidate, she is experienced, optimistic and seriously committed to both listening and to understanding.  

Feb 7, 2020

Former Peace Corps Volunteer Gabriella Guy (Costa Rica) describes how skills learned apply to her role as a social worker in elementary schools.

(Yes.  She is a granddaughter.)



Jan 31, 2020

Jeff Stant, head of The Indiana Forest Alliance, talks about potentially terrible effects of "The Houston South Vegetation Management and Restoration Project," which "will add pollution to Lake Monroe and kill many animals including endangered species.

He also talks about forest management in cities, and in other parts...

Jan 25, 2020

Greg Sorvig leads film programming and artistic vision for this 28-year-old festival in Indianapolis.

Greg and staff, with help from dozens of volunteers, view more than 3,000 films a year for both feature-film and shorts festivals.  His original motivations appear to have come from several professional and volunteer...

Jan 19, 2020

Executive Coach Daniel Poynter explains--clearly--carbon neutrality for a better world.

His company, Applied Ideals, teaches executives and entrepreneurs the philosophical and scientific importance of reducing carbon emissions while simultaneously increasing productivity and profits.