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Who Gets What?

Feb 28, 2019

David Horth, Chief Executive Officer of Indyhumane, talks about services, philosophies, and his personal journey to becoming head of the largest humane society in Indiana.



Feb 21, 2019

Journalist, author, playwright, and, at one time, stand-up comedian, Lou Harry, talks about journalism.

The discussion includes the four tenants of the code of ethics of The Society of Professional Journalist.  




Feb 13, 2019

Following up on last week's podcast with retired city planner Clarke Kahlo we talk about specific projects:   trees on Crown Hill Cemetery, public art on the scenic canal walk, park space on the canal, trees on streets, and the new White River visioning project proposed by developers and tourism advocates.


Feb 7, 2019

Retired city planner Clarke Kahlo describes his volunteer activity intervening in the city planning process.  He identifies development proposals that are not appropriate, gathers information, organizes opposition, and appeals to decision-making government bodies.

Morton argues that all proposed developments should be...