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Who Gets What?

Jan 27, 2022

Once a child star (sort of), Gary Cohen has become a producer of major Broadway productions such as Come From Away, and a dozen others.

Risks and rewards are discussed, as well as (domestic) ventriloquism and the numerous Indianapolis organizations Gary has supported.  

Jan 18, 2022

Our periodic guest, former opinion pollster Jeff Lewis, speaks about the business of opinion sampling and the challenge of achieving accuracy.  

Jan 12, 2022

Tom Ford is a full-time professional health coach aiming to improve personal health through physical training, primarily in aquatic settings.  

Tom also is a professional actor, having performed with Johnny Depp and Diane Lane, among others, as well as in numerous films, commercials and plays.

Tom describes both...

Jan 5, 2022

We conclude our conversation with Tom Hensley, the 1965 graduate of Indiana University, and Neil Diamond's pianist for more than four years, with more stories about kidney stones, the Diamondville crew on the road, and the hair of Paul McCartney.

Neil Diamond's poignant "Hello Again," ends this experience.