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Who Gets What?

Aug 25, 2020

Designer Elizabeth Mahoney (EMDesign) describes the many meanings of good design, from buildings to computer icons, and she cites some of her favorites.

She also is passionate about protecting our climate, animal welfare and tree preservation.  

A potential new state seal rounds out this conversation.

Aug 19, 2020

Attorney Robert Wildman spent years representing The Indiana Secondary Market for Education Loans.  (Host Morton Marcus served the same organization on the board of directors.)  Now his largest client is a developer of commercial real estate, placing him on the borrowers side of the table.

This discussion covers the...

Aug 12, 2020

Arguably the most experienced and knowledgeable attorney regarding a 40 year history of elections in Marion County, Indiana, Bill Groth explains the major cases that determined how our city council is elected.

He then talks about current litigation regarding voting in the time of COVID, mailed ballot receipt deadlines,...

Aug 6, 2020

"Our legislature runs on trust" is one of many points raised by our guest, Rick Cockrum, President, Capitol Assets, a firm representing citizens' interests to The Indiana General Assembly.

Gambling, taxes, health and safety of legislators, how to influence government decisions, and the powerful role of...