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Who Gets What?

Oct 28, 2023

Attorney Greg Silver is an attorney who has been active in more groups than can be listed, such as The Sierra Club, The Nora Community Council, The Falls of the Ohio, Indianapolis Greenways, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, and more.  He covers many suggestions for more environmentally friendly practices.  

Oct 22, 2023

Trish Whitcomb, daughter of an Indiana governor, is running for the Indiana House of Representatives in district 69, southern Indiana, near Salem.  She describes her long history as a political and civic consultant including her experiences assisting U.S. Senator Birch Bayh, and her role as a child of a governor.  She...

Oct 15, 2023

Morton and John interview friend Russ Sipes, who, in light of contemporary events, tells us about an early military experience in which he was loading supplies to support the Yom Kippur war.  Then Russ provides a compelling history of asbestos and the relevent litigation in which he has been involved.  Civil justice...