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Who Gets What?

Jun 29, 2022

Like Seinfeld, we talk about nothing, and everything:   mafia, credit cards, Title IX, la crosse, geese, punctuality, guns, and, well, you know.  

Jun 22, 2022

A balanced view of housing, bike paths, "Sundown Towns," driving priveleges for immigrants, taxes, even box stores, is covered effectively by this interview with Allan Kauffman, who, on leaving the mayor's office, now serves on the school board.  

Transcribed personal oral history may be found...

Jun 15, 2022

Chelsea Whittington, owner of C Whitt PR of Gary, Indiana, finds herself representing organizsations she knows and loves, such as a weight loss organization, Gary government and schools, Indiana University of N.W. Indiana, and, at one time, The Peace Corps.  She also teaches communication skills with this admonition: ...

Jun 7, 2022

What do The Flintstones, Nyota Uhara, Methodist Hospital, IUPUI, teaching non profit management, and The Heartland International Film Festival, have in common?

The answer is our guest, Michael Ault