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Who Gets What?

Mar 26, 2022

From this podcast we learn:  (1) individuals or groups may not, cannot, demean people they know personally; (2) a bad action by the other side might be just a mistake; (3)  parties must accept inability to get everything they want; (4) corporations can accomodate and accept environmental goals over long periods, but not...

Mar 15, 2022

Harold "Tuck" Langland tells us that a slave finished and mounted Lady Liberty on top of the U.S. Capitol, that Lincoln in Washington was prepared by perhaps more than 30 Italian stone cutters, and that he is proud that none of his public works has been vandalized.  

Teacher, writer, singer, cook, Tuck has hundreds of...

Mar 4, 2022

Beth White is president and CEO of The Indiana Coalition To End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking.  This powerful conversation considers the challenge and the solutions, as well as the difficult effort to find balance.