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Who Gets What?

Aug 31, 2022

John and Morton employ an exercise to learn the nature of improvisation under the guidance of Will Pfaffenberger, comedian, radio broadcaster (The Smiley Morning Show on 99.5; the Bob and Tom Show), entrepreneur (Red Curb Improv Comedy Club in Avon), and former administrator of a soccer league.  This...

Aug 23, 2022

Manufacturers Representative Larry Wallman asks why Indiana has not attracted electronics businesses, having lost more than 120,000 jobs since the days of Western Electric, RCA, Regency, Mallory, and more.  One answer:  "we have told them we do not want them."

Aug 17, 2022

Jeffrey McDermott leads what well may be the Indiana performance venue with the highest number of diverse shows every year.  

Here we learn how it is done, all from a man whose "previous life" was practicing law.  

Aug 10, 2022

While considering the nature of an "educated person," we talk with Sheila Kennedy about the voucher system, its limitation to urban areas, and how it potentially reduces quality education.

Sheila is an educator with extensive experience in government, political science, civil rights, and education.  

Aug 3, 2022

Adam Goldstein, Director of Engineering of STAG USA, who founded and developed a 12-bay repair facility on Indianapolis' northeast side, talks about his present business:  refitting fleets with propane and natural gas.

Adam says that innovation in autombile technology and style takes place in the aftermarket, and...