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Who Gets What?

Jul 28, 2023

Indianapolis-based Sagamore Institute, sometimes described as a "think tank," includes Alan Dowd as head of its Center for America's Purpose.  Many of Alan's clear and effective writings can be found at    One theme of our conversation asks "Is America the greatest country in the...

Jul 22, 2023

Rachel Blakeman, director of a Purdue-based community research institute in Ft. Wayne, IN.  talks about the economy, public health, and infrastruture of Indiana's second city.  Home ownership and transportation are among the many topics discussed.  

Jul 14, 2023

Jerry King is chair of "Hoosiers Concerned About Gun Violence," which works to reduce gun violence.  Reducing ability to acquire guns, and to reduce access to guns inside homes, are among the activities of this organization.  

Jul 5, 2023

Broadway Across America, a national, privately-owned company, manages broadway touring shows in 48 American cities.  For Indianapolis, and Salt Lake, the group sales manager is Chris Schneider, who describes differences between cities both in culture and marketing.  An example of differences is Book of Mormon, which...