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Who Gets What?

Apr 27, 2024

Here we are fortunate to learn about emergence of a new non profit.  Mental health care professional Antoniett Nelson opens Seasoned Transitional Living on June 1, planning to help dozens of young people this year and in to the future.  

Apr 17, 2024

Joy's House is a central Indiana leader fostering both professional and volunteer caregiving, and in understanding this element of our aging population.  Tina McIntosh started down this road 25 years ago when she created Joy's House, an adult day care facility in Broad Ripple.  As a result of this commitment, she was...

Apr 13, 2024

Brian Sullivan teaches radio and television at New Albany High School, the owner of WNAS, the student-run, 24-hour station.  (88.1 in the New Albany/Louisville area; also  



Apr 6, 2024

In possibly the clearest explanation we have heard, endocrinologist Hunter Heath explains diabetes.  He also states that diabetes was understood by The Greeks.  They measured the amnount of sugar in urine.  Advances in both monitoring and treatment have improved treatment dramatically.